Saturday 26. September

Estonian Cuisine Festival at Lõunakeskus - the 5th birthday of the Farmers' Market

Year-by-year, the Farmers' Market has been a great hotbed for many small food producers, by being the easiest opportunity to enter the market with their products. At the Festival of Estonian cuisine, the farms and companies operating at the Farmers' Market offer their best products. Chefs who find their way to the Farmers' Market time after time, offer good tastes from the produce that is on a daily basis available on the market. In addition, educative advice about different potato cultivars and a great selection of pumpkins and grapes.  The Agricultural Museum organises different activities: crushing grains in a brayer, grinding flour with a mill stone, making butter with a butter machine, baking a bread, crushing grains in a coffee grinder. Bread and a biscuit of flax meal will be for tasting. An exhibition of the old cutlery.

Two weeks before the Estonian Cuisine Festival, the dining places in Lõunakeskus will provide a special menu of Estonian foods. 
26 September Introduction of the trademark Ehtne Talutoit (Genuine Farm Food) at Lõunakeskus. , contact person Merle Vall,