Thursday 05.-15. September

Saaremaa Food Festival provides a 10-day exciting programme that can be described only like that: good food boosts your mood.

Saaremaa Food Festival:
VALUES local fresh raw material grown and prepared honestly, sincerely and responsibly
INTRODUCES the peculiarities of food culture of islands and local players
CREATES new initiatives in the sector of food culture
INVITES renown cooks to the site
ENABLES to turn one’s homeyard into an Apple Cafe for one day
ATTRACTS even the most comfortable islander outdoors to Kuressaare Street Picnic
OPENS the doors of all eating venues and hearts of their visitors for Saaremaa Restaurant Week
ENCOURAGES to discover values through exciting exhibitions
INVITES to listen to music
DRIVES you to have a look around Saaremaa and Muhu community houses
SURPRISES with exciting special dinners.

REVIEW THE PROGRAMME at the website and in Facebook Saaremaa Toidufestival, you can find us also in Instagram ( #saaremaatoidufestival)