Carrot pie

Carrot pie



  • 70 ml piima

  • näputäis soola
  • 10 g suhkrut
  • pisut purustatud kardemoni

  • 25 g pärmi
  • 1 muna
  • 100 g võid
  • 250 g jahu
  • muna piruka määrimiseks


  • 500 g porgandeid
  • 50 g võid
  • soola
  • suhkrut
  • riivitud muskaatpähklit
  • 2 keedetud muna



Mix the yeast with hand-warm water, add salt, grated cardamom, egg and melted butter. Knead until even and let rise under a towel, at a warm place.


For the filling, grate the carrots and stew on a pan until soft, add a bit of water if necessary. Season with sugar, salt and nutmeg, add the grated boiled eggs. Let the filling cool down before you make the pie.

Roll up the dough into a 3 mm thick piece (35*25-30 cm), spread the filling along the dough, lift the edges on top of each other and pinch tightly together. Let the pie rise a bit before putting it into the oven. Brush the pie with whisked egg and bake at 180 °C until golden brown.