I love Estonian black currant

black currant
black currant
They met in the yard

In Harku municipality, Adra village, we have this really lovely Niliske farm, where the most delicious blackcurrants and rhubarbs grow. Large and pudgy cows make our grassland look pretty as a picture. From the farmyard to the restaurant, food makes its way to family tables with care and consideration.

From the lady of the farmhouse to the lady of the restaurant, accompanied by the thoughts and wishes of women, head chef of the restaurant Edgars uses the beef for a wonderful dish with blackcurrants and rhubarbs adding flavour nuances.

The way to the heart is through the stomach, beef is still a little bit less in vogue today than, for example, chicken. In our municipality, the chicken is still the favourite meat of the family thanks to memories of the Soviet-time Ranna state farm. Near the city, in the country as we still doggedly call it, growing your very own food and raising cattle is still something extraordinary. That’s why the production of a small farm is excellent for Seller’s kitchen.


Edgars Kubetskis

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant Seller


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