I love Estonian goat cheese

Goat cheese
Goat cheese
Goat cheese with marinated beetroot, butter roasted hazelnuts, crisp bread and apple cider sauce

Kolotsi farm is an organic family farm in Võrumaa, Haanja National Park. The farm raises goats and makes goat milk products – cheese, yoghurt and milk. The long-term goal of the farmers is to stay a small family farm instead of growing into a large one. They find that by making less but making it themselves, they support the main values of their life. Rene and the people of Kolotsi farm met in Võru at a meeting of people of the field and it was love at first sight to meet masters of the same field!

Six years ago, our restaurants generally used goat cheese less rather than more and it was mostly associated with European cooking, whereas walking the path of modern Estonian cuisine, goat cheese came into our orbit rather fast. One important nuance is that during the first Republic of Estonia, goat farming and producing goat milk was well in the picture, and rediscovering this and particularly connecting it with Estonian cooking initially created quite a bit of talk. Today, goat cheese is very common in our menus and it’s nice to see that small manufacturers can also offer it to restaurants with excellent quality, made from local raw produce. We are proud of the goat cheese of Kolotsi farm and wish to share it with our guests!

Pickled red beet with goat cheese has been in the menu of MEKK since the creation of the restaurant. Red beet comes to us as a lovely dirty root and we process it ourselves from start to finish. The beet, sliced paper-thin, will be marinated and not boiled – so it stays crunchy and fresh. Goat cheese speaks for itself and the entire combination gets a small but important finish with roasted hazelnuts. House-made crispbread also has its role in the dish and tastes wonderful!


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