I love Estonian halva

'Halva cream - sour cream, cherries, milk jelly, cocoa biscuit crumbs

As it happens, the sweets made by different manufacturers are never quite the same. In the campaign for Estonian food made with love, we selected halva by Marmiton as the raw produce for the special dish offered by Polpo. The halva of this manufacturer gains its unique flavour and consistency from a technology which has been preserved throughout decades. 

The main ingredient of Marmiton halva is the peanut. The characteristic feature of this halva is the technology which creates a so-called caramel thread, making the consistency more fibrous than with other manufacturers.

Halva continues to be a beloved dessert for myself as well as many other Estonians and it’s a rare sight in restaurant menus.

A unique and interesting flavour combination.


Rait Kits

Chef de cuisine

Restaurant Polpo


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